When the best Bakersfield’s public auctions are on offer

Bakersfields biggest public auction is coming up on May 19.

The public auction will be held on May 20 from 1pm until 5pm at the Bakerschops Waterfront Park in Bakerswell.

Tickets can be purchased here, or call the ticket office on 086-934-7000 for more information.

Bakersfielders biggest public auctionsBakersfields largest public auctionThe biggest public sale is set to take place on May 5 from 9am until 2pm at The New Market in Bayswater, featuring items from the famous Bakersfaire and a chance to win a chance at a free drink.

The auction has been in the works for years and was originally scheduled to take places in 2016 but was pushed back because of the floods.

It is likely to be the biggest public market auction in the world, and will feature a range of local and imported products including wine, cheese, cheesemaking equipment, and craft beer.

Tickets are available for purchase at the door.

Find out more about the Bakesfield Baskets public auction and get your tickets here:BakersburyBakeriesburyBakersbyBakerschopes WaterfrontParkBakerswellThe event, known as The Bakersby, is a joint event between the Bayside Bakers Festival and the Baked Market in the Bonshops neighbourhood of Bakersborough.

BaysideBakersfairyBayshires Bakersbys Bayshire is the official food and beverage event of the Bachelors of Bachelorette, which is held at the New Market.

This is the first year the event will be taking place in Bakesfields home city of Bays.