How to buy a boat auction

The bidding war is heating up, and bidding wars are always a good time for the horses to be whittled down.

This year, however, is different.

As the price of boats at auction is rising, it is becoming increasingly likely that the most valuable vessels at auction are the ones that aren’t actually used for living.

It is a phenomenon called “live auctioning,” and the number of boats that go up for sale at auction has tripled in the last decade.

And that has raised questions about how the auction industry, which has become a lucrative industry for people looking to get their hands on rare or valuable boats, has evolved to meet the needs of a rapidly changing market.

One of the most well-known live auctioneers in the industry is Pifer, a family owned company based in Washington, D.C. Pifer’s first boats were sold for more than $5 million at the 2014 National Bids for Rides, the largest auction in the country, according to the auction website

Now, Pifer is looking to add another $50 million to its auction tally.

But, to understand how this all works, we have to go back to the 1990s, when Pifer was one of the largest live auction houses in the U.S. and a prime place for collectors to find and buy boats.

The boats that Pifer sold for $50,000 at the 1995 N.B.A. All the boats went up for auction were in the form of an old, “futures” type of boat, which was a fairly common type of ship.

At the time, the typical boats were designed with a few extra features.

The biggest of these included a “nautical compass” that measured in at just under five feet.

This allowed sailors to keep track of where the water was in a boat, as well as how much distance was between the anchor and the boat.

The “naval compass” also had an integrated “lighthouses” which, if you knew where the sun was on a given day, would indicate a ship was going to the west or east, and where the wind was blowing that day.

This sort of thing is called a “navigational compass,” and it’s a pretty useful feature, especially for sailors who wanted to navigate around unfamiliar regions.

There were also “nearly perfect” “masts” that looked like small wooden boxes that would hold the mast and other rigging, as long as they were well-maintained.

There was a whole range of “ladders” that could be used to move a boat forward and back.

And there was a “pylon” that had a small hook and a small rope attached to it, which allowed the sailor to climb aboard and jump off the ship.

The more common kind of “pylons” were designed to be used by sailors who had a strong background in sailing, or who had been trained to do so, but not in a very high-powered way.

Piver said that the boats that went up in price in the early 1990s were the “pioneers,” the boats designed to last a lifetime.

He said the Piver boat was the “first in the world” to use a sailboat’s sail as a rudder.

But he added that in the late 1990s he also saw a boat that looked pretty much like a modern day “fender bender.”

This type of “bender” is made of a large steel plate, attached to the side of the boat that supports the mast, which then extends down the length of the sail and is attached to a wheel.

These “fenders” are often called “benders,” “penders,” or “stops,” because they allow the boat to be towed in and out of the water.

The benders are usually made from aluminum, or sometimes steel, and can be used for a wide range of purposes, from carrying heavy loads to being used as a fishing vessel.

But these are not the kind of boats you would expect to find at a live auction, so what makes a Piver “bagger”?

One of Piver’s most recognizable boats was the Pifter, which is the “old school” of live auction boats.

It was designed in the 1950s by John Pifer himself, who had already been in the business for decades.

Pender himself told me that Pender’s Pifter was the first to incorporate the “nail-and-brass” type sails.

The Pifter also had a “stainless steel” hull, and the Penders’ Pifter had the “sail and anchor” system.

Pester also explained that the Pitter’s “pinnacle” “stern” mast was actually a “bracing” system that helped keep the boat stable in rough seas.

“It was really a very simple thing,” he said.

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