Which is the best car auction house in Australia?

Updated March 12, 2018 05:00:53The list of cars and auction houses that will take you to the big show at Melbourne’s Metropolis on March 13, 2018 will include a new breed of car that will not be seen on the big stages until the next five years.

There are no known new entrants to the race, but the auction house is expected to be up for grabs with a selection of models that will be available in a number of markets around Australia.AUCTIONHOUSE NAME DESCRIPTION BONDO AUTO RACER,BONDO,CA,USA – Bondo Auto Racing Team owner, Michael Bondo, has spent much of his career at the pinnacle of motorsport, winning six Formula 1 championships and two World Championship titles.

His success has come to an end at the hands of a crash, but Bondo still retains his passion for the sport.

Bondo has built up a wealth of knowledge of motorsports, from the earliest stages of his own career, through to the latest and greatest racing cars and trucks, which he will use to bid on the cars and auctions of the future.

MILITARY CARS CARBON-CURRENCY,ST PETERSBURG,PA,USA The UK-based company is a major supplier of military cars, including tanks and combat vehicles, and has built a reputation for high quality, reliable and affordable military vehicles.

This includes the UK’s Rolls-Royce Phantom, a world-class military transport vehicle, as well as a range of other military vehicles including the U.S. Army’s F-16 Fighting Falcon, the British SAS SASA, the Dutch Army’s Rooftop Airborne and the U.-2 spy plane.

AUCTIONS AUCTIONS CARBOND,DELTA,CA – The Auctioneers of Delta is a family-owned, full service auction house specializing in high-end antique and collectibles, as represented by its award-winning, hand-crafted collection.

The Auctioneer also owns the historic Delta Museum and has curated the largest and most extensive collection of antique car memorabilia on the East Coast.

“Delta is an internationally renowned collector and dealer of historic automotive memorabilia and automotive artifacts,” said Andrew Horsley, president of the Auctioneers.

“The Delta team is proud to be part of a prestigious group of auctioneers and owners who strive to create a truly unique and exclusive experience for the public.

The Delta staff are passionate about the preservation of their collections and are committed to bringing their unique, highly valuable automotive memorables to a wider audience. “