How to save a dollar on your next car purchase at auction

How much would it cost to get the new car you’re in love with, but can’t afford?

At least you can pick up the bill.

An auction site called Auctioneer is offering a new car for $75,000, plus the seller’s buyer’s premium.

That’s not too bad for a vehicle that’s been sitting in a barn for years.

The seller, who has been identified as an owner in Texas, has been working on a new vehicle since the mid-1990s, according to the website.

The seller is willing to sell the car for less than $10,000 to get a good price, but has a history of selling the car to a friend or relative for $10 million, according the site.

Auctioneer has been around for about six years and has more than 8,000 registered users.

It’s one of a handful of auction sites that allows users to sell cars for less, and is one of the few to offer a 24-hour live auction, similar to eBay, according with the website .

For many of its users, auctioneer is the best way to save money on a vehicle, as they typically get the car back in a day or two.

But if you want a vehicle to last forever, there’s another option, such as selling it on eBay or Craigslist.

Auctioneers is not the only site to allow users to save on a car.

Some auctions are a bit more expensive than others, depending on the model.

For example, the new Honda Accord that is available for $40,000 will set you back $60,000 if you go for the black model.

That car was last sold in 2009 for $30,000.

But the $50,000 price tag for a new Ford Mustang might not be enough to tempt you.

A car auction site can help you pick up a good deal on a newer vehicle, but there are many other ways to save.

If you can’t wait to get your new vehicle in person, you can pay a visit to an auction site and try to get some good deals on it, said Chris Johnson, an auctioning consultant.

“You can go to auction houses and ask for $500 for the first vehicle and $10 for the second vehicle and see how much you can get for them, Johnson said.

If you want to save more money on your purchase, Johnson says to go with a reputable auction house.

Auctions typically include a variety of different vehicle models and can be very popular with people who are new to the market.

The website AutoGuide has a list of the best car dealerships for car shoppers.

Auctions can also help you find deals on cars that may not be available at a dealer.

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