Birmingham Auto Auction: “We’re Going To Have To Buy”

The Birmingham Auto auction house has confirmed to Breitbart News that it is “not going to have” to buy the body of a Mercedes-Benz SL-Class car on Friday.

The news came just days after the city announced that it would buy a $1.6 million Mercedes-AMG sports car at auction, which is scheduled to be completed by Monday.

The car is owned by a Birmingham woman who is the owner of the SL-class Mercedes- AMG.

“It’s not an auction.

It’s not for sale,” a Birmingham City Council spokesperson told Breitbart News in a statement.

“The city’s property is being held for the use of the Birmingham Police Department.

The council is in no way responsible for the purchase of the car.”

According to the Birmingham Daily Mail, the SL class Mercedes- Benz SL-500 sports car was sold to a man in Alabama for $1,600.

Birmingham Police Chief David Carter, who is overseeing the city’s bidding process, told the Daily Mail that the car is a rare one and he has “no doubt” the car will be sold at auction.

“I believe it’s going to be an amazing auction.

I think people will be very, very impressed with it,” Carter told the newspaper.

The city, however, is also working to ensure that any car that is sold is not a stolen car.

Birmingham City Manager Tom Gorman told Breitbart in a phone interview that the city has already received bids from several buyers who are not necessarily interested in the car.

“There’s been bids from people who are interested in selling it to people who might want it,” Gorman said.

“We have had bids from some who want it for a good price, and we’re still working with people to see if they’re interested.”

Birmingham police have confirmed that they will not be buying the SL car, despite the fact that it’s a registered Mercedes-Amg.

“In order to protect the public and keep people safe, Birmingham Police have been keeping the SL property for the safety of all of us,” Gormans spokesperson told The Birmingham News.

“Our police officers are prepared to use force to protect our residents.

We have an abundance of officers to work on these types of things, so we’re doing all we can to ensure the safety and well-being of our citizens.”

Birmingham Mayor William Bell said that the SL sale “would be an honor” to the city.

“This car is absolutely the best one we have on the block,” Bell said.

The City of Birmingham has received bids for the car from “a number of buyers,” the spokesperson told the Birmingham News, but the city “is still working to determine which bidder will be the best fit for this vehicle.”

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