How to get the auction ninja on your football team

If you want to go on a shopping spree in your team, then the auction ninjas are for you.

The auction ninja is a special team member who, when given a few minutes, will do a bidding on your team.

This can be done with a simple bidding in the auction menu, or with a more advanced bidding system, like the auction system for Fifa Ultimate Team.

The auctions are also used for buying player contracts, and for creating custom squad items.

Here are the five things you need to know about bidding:When bidding for players, the auction team selects one of five types of bids:Team-to-Team, Team-to‑Team, Group-to–Group, Individual Player-to‐Player and Individual Player–Individual.

Bid on individual playersThe team-to of bidding takes place on the player’s team, and is done through the bidding menu.

Bids are based on their price, and the team that wins the bid will be given an option to purchase the player for their own team.

Auctions are normally done in batches, and each bid is split into two separate transactions.

A team-player bid can be worth up to $2,500, while a player-player bidding can be valued at up to about $600.

The bidding system is simple: Each team’s team members will select bids that will go through the system, and a winning bid will get sent to the winning team’s bank account.

A bid can then be sent to a bank account, and will be converted into cash and used as funds to buy the player.

Once the money is used up, the player is sent to his team, where he or she will be available for other team members to bid on.

Buying players with a custom squad itemBuying custom squad players is a quick and easy way to create your own player.

You will need a few items to create a custom player.

A basic squad item includes a player’s name, position, number of caps and jersey number.

The player’s shirt number can be changed by adding a number to the player or by adding an optional logo.

The first thing you will need is a player and team, but the second thing you need is some money.

The player’s salary is split between his club and the player and a loaner.

The loaner will receive the player if the player signs for them and the club loses the player, but they will lose money if they buy him elsewhere.

The loaner is also responsible for the player being sold to another club, and it is possible to sell a player to another team if he or they sign for the same club.

The final step is to pay the loaner the player price, which is usually in the range of around 20,000 euros, which equates to around £3,000.

There are also other items you can use to add value to your squad.

The goalkeeper has the option to sell the player to a club and use it for themselves.

The goalkeeper will also get a loan from the club.

The club can then use the loaned player on another team.

Another player’s role is to sell off player contracts to other clubs.

If the player was sold to a rival club, the loan can be paid back to the rival club.

A player can also be sold to an online auction site.

This involves bidding on a player that has been loaned to another player, and then paying the amount owed to the loanee.

The best part of these auctions is that you can buy a player from another team for as little as 25,000, and transfer that player to your own team for no additional costs.

If you want more details on the auction, head to the FUT Champions section and search for the auction.

You can also buy custom kits with a player or squad item.

Here are the details:When the time comes to buy a kit, the buyer pays the seller’s salary, and can then buy the kit from the seller.

When you are ready to take your kit to the pitch, the seller sells the player who was loaned by the seller, and you receive the loan for your own players salary.

You are free to buy kits from other players, so long as they do not have a loan, but if you do, the kit should be worth at least 30,000-50,000 euro, which will go towards your budget.

Once you have bought the kit, you are free at this stage to change it, and sell it to your team or sell it elsewhere.

Once all of your players have been bought, you can also sell the kit to other teams, and they will then receive the price for their loaner player.

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