How to win a football car from Woodbridge

Woodbridge is a town with a reputation for having great cars, but its car auction access is restricted to those who are registered in the city.

We spoke to owner-owner Nick and his partner to find out how they got their car, and to see how their cars compare with those of the world’s top auction houses.

Nick and his partners own two cars: a 2003 BMW M5 convertible and a 2003 Ford Focus RS convertible.

They are both avid car collectors, and are hoping to own a Focus RS this weekend.

“We are both big fans of Aston Martin and McLarens, so we wanted to do something special for the weekend,” he said.

“I love driving a McLaren, so it was definitely something special.

The car itself is stunning.

It’s got a really clean look to it, and the colour and style is amazing.”

The cars have been up for sale on the Woodbridge Auto Auction since March 2017, and Nick said that it had only just started getting bids.

“It’s a really unique car, but it’s been up in the air for the past two months,” he explained.

“The car is in very good condition, and we had a couple of people come and see it, but there were so many bids it’s just not fair.”

In the past, the auction has attracted the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Rolls Royce.

Nick said he had had a bit of a laugh when he first realised that there were people interested in the car, saying: “I’m a bit amazed at how the internet works.

It seems like you can go to any one of these places and they’ll have a car up for auction, and you just click on it.”

Nick and the couple have two cars on the auction block, and he’s hoping to sell both of them.

“One car is probably going to sell for over €200,000,” he admitted.

“This is a really cool car, it’s got lots of personality and character, and it’s a fun car to drive.”

Nick said that the car’s colour was not particularly special, but the car has some features that he loves.

“They have a nice colour scheme, with a good red stripe,” he laughed.

“And it’s really light, so the interior is very tidy.

It also has a nice set of lights, which is nice for me, because I can have a bit more fun when driving it.”

Nick and the car have only just begun to get bids.

But, he said, they would like to sell the car soon, because he’s looking forward to driving it.

“When I was in school, my father used to give me this old Volkswagen Beetle, and every time he drove it to school, he’d have the car on his desk.

So it’s kind of like a childhood memory for me,” he joked.

“But now it’s gone, so I’m just looking forward for it to come back to life.”

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