‘This is the most exciting year in history’: Indianapolis auto auction gets off to a hot start

On Friday, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) announced it would host the largest auto auction in the world, the biggest ever for an Indianapolis car.

The opening of the 2018 Indy 500 will be held in April and the event is expected to generate millions of dollars in economic activity.

“It is an exciting day for the Indianapolis community,” said Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard.

“This is a significant event for the city and we will continue to work with the Indianapolis Department of Economic Development to make it a great event for all of our residents.”

Indianapolis Motor Stadium, the site of the Indianapolis 500, will be the main stage for the opening day of the event.

The $200 million venue is set to house more than 4,000 people, including a $250 million entertainment complex, and the venue’s own “bundling” area will provide an extra boost to the event’s economic impact.

The Indianapolis 500 is the biggest auto racing event in the United States, but it has historically been held in a smaller venue.

Last year, it hosted just 1,400 fans.

This year, the race will be staged in an indoor track that can hold 2,000 spectators and has been upgraded with state-of-the-art amenities such as a new concession stand, video screens and an elevated concourse.

“The Indianapolis 500 was designed to have an atmosphere that would create an exciting and exciting atmosphere for everyone, including drivers and fans,” said IMS President Jim Hightower.

“We have worked hard to bring an incredible event to the Indianapolis area, and this is the best way for us to accomplish that goal.”

The opening day festivities will begin with the race’s pre-race ceremony, followed by a series of events.

The race begins at 8 a.m.

ET and will conclude at 9:10 a.d.

The top three finishers in each of the first five qualifying rounds will compete in a three-car race at the end of the day.

The winner of the opening race will then move on to the second and final qualifying round, which begins at 9 a.s. and ends at 12 p.m., followed by the final race of the season.

“I can’t wait to welcome you to Indianapolis,” said Hightowers.

“Our first-ever auto auction is a huge event for our community, and it’s an exciting moment in our history.

This is the largest event in our city’s history, and we’re working very hard to ensure we deliver the best event in history for all the families, all the fans, all of the drivers and all of those who will watch it live on the big screen.”

A full schedule of the 2017 Indianapolis 500 can be found here.

The 2017 Indianapolis Motor Racing Series (IMRS) season will begin on March 2 with the first round of the championship series at the Indianapolis International Speedway (IIS).

The season will run through June 14, with the winner of that round earning the championship.

The first round starts on April 2 and ends on May 24.

In addition to the 2017 IMRS, the 2017 season will include the 2018 IMRS Auto Club Championship (ACCC), which is a championship series for the top-tier teams.

The 2018 season also includes the IMRS Pro-Am Championship, which is an open-wheel series that will feature a field of 24 cars that compete in 24 races.

The IMRS is the oldest series in the series, and has played host to the most championship races in the history of the sport.

“As we prepare for our next season, we look forward to hosting the Indianapolis Auto Auction,” said NASCAR CEO Brian France.

“These incredible cars are going to be on display and will be auctioned off for the enjoyment of all the owners, fans and the racing fans who have been watching them for so long. “

“And we want to thank our owners for their incredible dedication to the sport and for being so gracious with their time at the auction,” said France.”

And we want to thank our owners for their incredible dedication to the sport and for being so gracious with their time at the auction,” said France.

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