How to buy a Metro auto auction in Houston

You may have heard of Metro Auto Auction, which is a one-stop-shop for all things auto related.

But how do you get to it?

The auction house is located in downtown Houston, near downtown Houston International Airport, which means there’s plenty of parking.

The place is about half a mile away from the Texas Capitol and there’s also a Metro garage nearby, but not at the bidding level of the auction house.

Instead, it’s a three-hour drive, and that’s the way we like it.

The first Metro auto sale will be Friday, Oct. 14, with the next one on Sunday, Oct 15.

We’ll have more information as it becomes available.

You may also like:Houston auction to feature more than 200 cars, including new and used, at $2.9 million price tagThere are a lot of vehicles at the Metro Auto auction, and the most popular is the 2017 Lincoln MKC.

You can pick up a 2017 MKC, but the only way to get one is by having it signed by a Metro dealer.

If you’re not interested in a vehicle that’s a lot less expensive, you can still pay the same or less.

We picked up a 2018 Lincoln MKS for $2,977.99, which was a lot more expensive than the 2017 MKS we had in mind, but you’re going to want a vehicle like that.

There’s also the 2018 Chevrolet Colorado, which had a $1,967.97 sticker price.

The 2018 Lincoln is also available.

There are also a number of other vehicles that you can bid on, including a 2015 Ford Focus and a 2015 Chevrolet Spark.

You can pick one up at the Houston Auction House, located at 1703 S. Lamar St.

Houston is an auto-friendly city.

It’s also home to more than two dozen Metro Auto auctions.

You may know that Metro Auto is in Houston because it’s near the Texas Congress Center and in the northwest corner of downtown.

It also has an auction house in Austin.

For the past two years, Houston has had two Metro Auto car auctions, one in October and one on the weekend of Oct. 7-8.

The Houston Auto Auction has become a favorite of Houstoners, and we think it’s going to continue to do so for a while.

If you’re interested in buying an Auto Auction vehicle, the bidding price is $2 a piece, but Metro Auto has some special offers.

The Metro Auto cars tend to sell for a lot lower than the typical auto auction, which can be a sign of quality.

Metro Auto will be offering a $500,000-plus car for the first time ever at this auction.

The $500 million car is a new Lincoln MKIII, which makes it a lot nicer than the MKC that we had on our list.

The price tag is $9,839,964, which isn’t as low as it sounds.

It was a little less expensive than we’d like to pay, but it’s still not as good.

It has a lot better tires, and its interior is much nicer than our 2018 MKC’s.

If we had to pick a car for sale at $1 million, we’d definitely pick this one up.

If the sale was at $100 million, then that would be a pretty good deal, too.

You don’t have to go long to find a vehicle at the 2018 Metro Auto Auto auction.

There is a lot to see, but we’ll give you a general overview of the cars that are being sold.

We also have a list of the highest-priced vehicles that are currently available.

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