How to Buy a Porsche 918 Spyder on eBay

How to buy a Porsche 911 in the United States is simple, but there are still some quirks that are worth looking out for.

The 918 is one of the most popular cars in the world, with a long history in the sportscar world and the Porsche 996.

The 911 is the most powerful, quickest and fastest Porsche ever produced, and has become synonymous with luxury.

It’s the car of choice for the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, who recently purchased a 918.

Auctions have long been a popular avenue for the Porsche fans, and they are now starting to show the car up for sale.

The current price of the 918 on eBay is around $8,500, with some buyers even going as high as $11,500.

It is a pretty good price for a 911.

The seller’s description on the car’s auction page reads, “It was purchased by a family of friends in 2013.

It has been used since then and was purchased in 2018.

It was given a complete paint job and is currently sitting on its own lot in a beautiful location in the suburbs of Seattle.

It will remain on its original owner’s lot for the next few years.

It still has the original factory body with the original front fender and taillight.”

So, the seller is offering the car for $8.50.

That’s a pretty big offer.

It also seems like the seller has taken into account the fact that the car is only $8K.

The seller’s eBay listing says the car was driven to Seattle by the driver of the car, but we can’t tell if the car actually left the dealership.

We contacted the seller for more details about the car and can’t comment on the auction’s pricing, but the seller seems like a reasonable guy.

We’ve contacted Porsche and will update this story if we hear back.

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