How to save money at the auction block

Bakersfield, California – Auctioneer Chris Hirschbeck is a real estate tycoon.

But his biggest asset is his knack for finding bargains.

He’s been working on his new auction house, the Bakersford Auctioneers, which will bring together the best of Bakersfields real estate and auction house heritage.

The idea is to offer a range of traditional bakers and food vendors, and modern bakers with a variety of bakers, food vendors and the odd baker, to give the auction house a unique and fun atmosphere.

The Bakersfahns Auctioneer’s office, located at the corner of 16th and Main Streets, is a beautiful, spacious and well-lit space that will serve as a venue for private and corporate events.

Bakersfield is famous for its bakers.

There are more than 40 bakeries in the city, each of which has its own unique taste and signature.

The main bakery is the B.A.S.E. bakery at 835 Main St, the main street of the city.

There’s also the Baking Barn at 1817 Main St and the Bakeshop at the B&T location at 541 Main St. The B.S., however, has been around for about 200 years.

To get started, the auctioneers will be hosting a day of sales from 10 am-6 pm, Saturday and Sunday.

This is a great opportunity to find out what your next sale will be like.

After the sale, the vendors will be free to sell and buy.

This includes a range, including baked goods and more, which the auctioneer is looking forward to sharing with the public.

Hirschbeck will be showcasing the offerings at the event, and he hopes the community will be interested in seeing what they see.

“Our goal is to be a community of bakes,” he said.

“We want people to have the opportunity to go down to the bakery and have a real taste of what’s in the shop and see how the bakers prepare their bakes.

It will be a wonderful opportunity to get to know people and have them feel like they’re a part of the community.”

Our aim is to make it a great experience for people who are new to the bakescape and to be able to learn more about the history of this place.

“The B.B.A., which was founded in 1776, has grown to become one of the most prominent bakers in the state.

Its bakers have included James Beard Award-winning chef Roberta’s, Baking Co. founder Richard Van Pelt and James Beard winner and restaurant critic Chris Stotts.

The building is designed by architect John Stott, who also designed the former Stetson Building in New York City.

Stott’s architecture, including the bistro and the building itself, was designed by the company Hirsch, Stott and Associates.”

Hirsch said that his goal is not to make the B-B.B., but rather to “bring in new bakers who have been waiting for the right time and a place that they can be recognized.””

Our mission is not only to inspire people but also to inspire businesses and to provide them with a place where people can come together and enjoy their food, and also to provide a community where everyone can enjoy their bakers creations.”

Hirsch said that his goal is not to make the B-B.B., but rather to “bring in new bakers who have been waiting for the right time and a place that they can be recognized.”

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